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Dear Colleagues and friends,  


It is our great pleasure to welcome you all to the inauguration of the Sagol Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM), in conjunction with the Israeli Stem Cell Society Meeting.


SCRM, supported by Sagol Family, is an advanced interdisciplinary platform that utilizes the basic principles of regenerative biology and personalized medicine toward clinical translation. SCRM aims to accelerate innovative research and education in this field. Since its initiation, the Sagol center established new programs, supported core research, built community and promoted collaborations for researchers, clinicians, students, and industry.

The Organizing committee strives to create an agenda that includes broad array of scientific tracks which will cover diverse topics of cutting-edge research and innovation in regenerative medicine, stem cell models, tissue engineering, organoids, aging and translational clinical research.


The conference integrates leading national and international researchers, open slots for selected oral presentations from submitted abstracts, exhibits and poster sessions. It provides a unique opportunity to come together, network, discuss, and initiate collaborations on new ideas, approaches, and solutions.


We are really honored to host you all here in Tel-Aviv, generating warm and friendly atmosphere and sharing knowledge and expertise, in person.


Thank you for joining us to celebrate this momentous occasion. We look forward to a fruitful and productive meeting, and to the many exciting discoveries and breakthroughs that lie ahead.







Organizing Committee

Benjamin Dekel

Rudolf Jaenisch

Shulamit Levenberg

Ben Maoz

Eran Meshorer

Christine Mummery

Keren Shternhall Ron

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